Tuesday, May 30, 2006

death of a blog

i suppose that every blog must come to an end eventually. because i don't want 'because i can' to be the jeff bagwell of bloggerdom, this is the last post on the blog. it has run its fun-lovin' course, becoming a chore rather than the joyous hobby it once was. now we must once again rely upon cell phones and email in order to keep up with one another. here's one last update so you don't have to call right away....:-)

a news:
* hair cut off this past weekend for locks of love. very cute. very older-looking. very hard on dad.
* horse camp in 2 weeks. very excited.
*tonsilectomy july 19. very about time.
* summer softball team invite. very pleased with self.

b news:
* all-stars (baseball). very busy.
* finishing elem. school next week & trading it in for middle school. mom & dad feeling very not so young anymore.
* invitation to first boy/girl party from random girl we don't know. very NO.

c&c news:
* summer of a youth minister. also very busy. and very fun.
* season finales watched. very bored.
* death of a blog. very unsure what to do with self when sitting at computer.


Monday, May 22, 2006


Our first full-family return to Midland in a year and a half was a splendid occasion. good times were had with friends. and might i just add the words La Bodega, Jumburrito, Rosa's and Oscars. :-) sorry to everyone about the little present we left called "streptococcus".

looks like we'll be adding "tonsilectomy" to the calendar for our already busy summer. A has her 7th bout in 12 months. nice!

and speaking of nice, i have a friend who works for the IMB who is always giving me good books to read. I've been on a leisure-reading fast of sorts (b/c of my commitment to prime time TV), but I decided to give some attention to the book she gave me in n'ville last week. It is "Servant on the Edge of History" by Sam Jones, a missionary in Vietnam during the war. It's so good that I have to read it with highlighter in hand. Here is one such nugget that has been especially meaningful and illuminating to me this week:
"I often find myself veering to the left and the right of a thin, almost indiscernible line that runs between caring and not caring, wanting to help and not being able to help. Somewhere in between these two is a place where the missionary must walk with a measure of balance."


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

iffen you lernt yer letters...

i think that tv/books/music definitely influence the mind. i first began to realize this several years back when i was reading some historical fiction from early American history. so immersed in these pioneer stories, i began to begin say things like, "iffen yer pa gits home soon, we kin et supper." yeah, i did get some funny looks.

and now...well, now in my mind the president and his peeps wear neatly pressed suits at 3 a.m. also, i don't know if i'll feel quite safe on my flight to nashville tomorrow, because who KNOWS what could be going on in the cargo hold. but i AM much tougher nowdays because jack is a heavy influence on my life, so i'm sure i'll be ok. :-)

farewell dear Camdens. here are some things i've learned from you:
*don't be helpful, be harmless.
*people actually LIKE it when you get all up in their business
*swim freely in the fishbowl

Sunday, April 30, 2006

monkeying around

i'd like for you all to go to this website and send me a monk-e-mail. it will make me smile, and you, too, i think. it looks a little fishy at first, but trust me. fun stuff. choose the "text to speech" button.


so may is a big month here. it's almost like december, but different. between mother's day, our anniversary (16), weslee's wedding, lots o' graduations, two parent bdays, and my 37th (woohoo!), we have plenty of celebrating to do. this year, i've asked for a 3-in-1 gift that will last. 3 trees for the front yard. they're being delivered and planted this week. it's all very exciting.

heading off to n'ville in a couple o' weeks. get to write 5 sessions on Daniel.

um. have you seen the movie Red Eye? that was scary and i don't really recommend it. going to watch The Greatest Game Ever Played and i think it will be much nicer. you're prolly wondering, how does she have time for movies with all that TV--24, Alias, 7th Heaven, King of Queens, & Amazing Race--they watch? Lemme' tell ya'...it's not easy.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


cows are big. we bought & rec'd a mere eighth of Hercules today, a cow raised by a teenager who goes to our church. and an eighth of Hercules is 130 lbs. we are generally more affectionate toward white meat (and THIS time when I say "we", I mean "me"), our freezer is now filled with assorted cuts of beefiness. i think we're set for awhile. tonight was 2 of Hercules' t-bones, and though i'm not certain where those are located on still-breathing-bovine, they were quite tasty.

so none of you have any help for our dc vacation? sigh. good thing for the internet, i suppose.

here's a shocking revelation: i like to mow. i've actually been volunteering to do that job since we last spoke of it. and i'm getting pretty good at it, too--so good that today i mowed with my legs tanning up on the front part thingy as i listened to my favorite tunes on my mp3. i really don't see why people think it's such a chore. it does work up a hefty appetite for red meat, however...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hail to the Chief

Aren't Mondays exciting? I guess that's all we can say about that because of you know who...tally-ho!

And an equally exciting Wednesday awaits those of us who need Alias closure, as they begin the final "season" in which we all shockingly discover that, in fact, Vaughn is NOT dead. Why, you ask, has this knowledge been made public before the show is even aired? That, my friends, is because no one would tune in to see the show otherwise. It seems that the popularity of the show had more to do with the romance of Sidney and Vaughn than with fantastic and ginormous rolling balls of fire and eastern mysticism. Point: 24.

The ankle is doing ok...it wakes up each day looking normal and then proceeds to swell continuously again until bedtime. This week, I think I'll lay off long walks around the neighborhood and all-day trips to Six Flags.

happy bday tomorrow little bro'

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

what ya' got?

so you didn't express your opinion about the family vacation in august with free travel. but the kids did. surprisingly, they want to go to dc. we figure we better hit it now or else they may not like that idea again for a long, long time. you know, we are about to hit the years where distasteful attitudes tend to flare, esp. in regards to family vacations. i remember my own teenage trip to our nation's capital with my dear family--all i really wanted to do was swim in the pool at the house we rented and eat dc's best pizza and at some hoagie place. aside from that, my memories are reduced to a pretzel and a sprite outside the place where we saw the liberty bell and quoting the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Monument (i'd had to memorize it in school because I had gotten caught cheating on a test). also, i threw up on that trip.

anyway, enough rambling. the point? if you've been to the area lately, i'm open to helpful advice on where to stay. so send all wisdom and knowledge related to said vacation my way.

thanks and gig 'em.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Retreat #2 is now complete. This weekend I was in Glen Rose with the staff wives of FBC Midlo for the Texas Minister's Wives retreat and we had a great time. We laughed and laughed and then we laughed some more. The theme at the retreat was Extreme Makeover, just like the theme of our own retreat a few weeks ago. They had a whole afternoon set aside for "Spa Day" and we chose chair massages, facials (well, sort of), a foot massage, and having our toe nails painted. There's a story in each one of those pamperings, but sometimes ya' just have to be there.

Due to my excessive retreating I missed B pitching on Friday night in a very Midland-like dust storm, from what I understand. But he pitched the whole game (it only lasted 3 innings) and he struck out 7. Yay for video! On the same day, C informed me that girls from school were calling the house to talk to B. That's the first time that's happened at our house and I'll be pleased if it's the last for some time to come. Middle school is only 4 short months away~ and no. No, I don't think I am ready for this.

Today I'm hobbling around the house b/c I was trying to act like a teenager last night. Um, playing bball in the driveway with some high schoolers from our small group, I rolled my ankle and sprained it badly. Good thing my job requires me to sit on my posterior all day long.

Raise your hand if you loved the weather this weekend. I even mowed the grass for the first time in my life on Sat. when i returned from retreating (b/c now we have a riding mower and it was kinda fun). There's a creek and really neat gazebo in our neighborhood...walked over to it twice on Sunday.

Six Flags on Friday...with Audio Adrenaline and Kutless....if I can walk by then, that is. so i must work now...short week!

Monday, April 03, 2006

note to self

here's a helpful tip: If your kid's new baseball team decides to have a pre-season cookout on a Sunday, you should go, even if your Sundays are generally reserved for church and family. Otherwise, you might not have the opportunity to say "No, I don't think we'd like to spend an additional $100 so that our son can wear a professional-looking uniform for two months of baseball and so that we can have matching parent t-shirts that we'll never ever wear. Because that's just silly." And I'm wondering, just who is such excessiveness for? Would that be for the boys who don't really care all that much or is it for the parents who are living vicariously through their children? hmmmm....

A has been working up a new laugh. It saddens me somewhat b/c I found her old laugh quite enjoyable...you know, that big belly-laugh of hers that is so great. Last week, she replaced it with what we like to call "The Wheezer". It's a low, breathy chuckle. Come to think of it, maybe I should work on a new laugh myself. After all, everyone needs a change of pace now and then.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

the prodigal returns

i suppose there comes a time in every blogger's life when it seems there's nothing worth blogging about. this has been one of those times. but now i'm getting calls and emails, and we wouldn't want you to actually have to pick up the phone, so i'll try to get you up-to-date. let's see spring break came and went and everyone had loads of fun. baseball and softball practices have been in full swing; in fact, between the two of them, someone has a practice every night of the school week, except wednesdays. and that's good, b/c we're at church on wednesdays. saturday is opening day for spring ball. brandon will ride in the parade in the early morning and abby kicks off her season with a 10:00 game. They changed the age cut-off for the boys, so Brandon is, for the first time ever, one of the oldest in his league. he's playing with mostly 4th graders, which we think he likes b/c it makes him the MAN. he'll be pitching, playing short and first base. who knows? maybe i'll even post a pic this weekend for ya'.

had our annual ladies' retreat last weekend and fun was had by all. and i had the special treat of spending the weekend with my buddy ALG. i have this weekend at home...err...i mean at the ball fields, and then next weekend i'm retreating again at the Texas Minister's Wives thingy in Granbury. i think i'm going to need a retreat from all these retreats after it's over. :-)

you probably noticed a few posts ago (now that you've had nothing else to read but old posts and the comments they elicited) that my london friends have chosen to boycott the blog due to my careless throwing around of 24 happenings. they wish for me to make public apology and promise to focus blog-topics elsewhere. sadly, they must wait weeks to find out the incredible things that we already know from said program. so here's my apology and promise, not because I think I should and not because I want to, but because i can.

p.s. everyone else - can you believe how that last one ended?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Maybe I should've tried to exchange cell numbers or something?

how many churches have had 2 American Idol contestants sing there prior to their stints on the show? Not many, I'm thinking. I just found out (b/c I haven't been watching this season) that one of the remaining contestants is Mandisa. Well somebody shoulda told me sooner, b/c Mandisa sang at Crestview before Jeff Johnson did. She sings in Travis Cottrell's praise team, who sang at Crestview after Beth Moore's Living Proof Event in Midland/Odessa a few years back. (The Hopkins' fam even ate dinner at Logan's with her, Travis, and the rest of the team, but this isn't about me...)


Monday, March 13, 2006

i'm just saying

publicly reprimanded again, i'll not say anything about 24 except this: everybody try to hold your breath until you finish reading this post.

hey there claydough. we miss you. don't break anything. call me tomorrow from the lift or something fun like that.

somebody call a doctor, cuz i've got SPRING fever!!!

two ladies' retreats in the next 4 weekends - one for FBC (with my good buddy ALG speaking and rooming with me) and one for minister's wives. yes, i think so too. that IS a lot of retreating. however, i shall force myself to thoroughly enjoy them both :-)

currently writing: unit for all youth on the church from Acts and week of devotions about love. feel free to send all brilliant thoughts my way.

if you had a bunch of free travel vouchers from southwest, where would you go? (you must take your 2 children, ages 7 and 11, in the month of August.)

go ahead and exhale now - I'm done.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Due to some graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised

The following takes place between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. right before C takes A to the dr. for the umpteenth case of strep throat in the past 12 months.

Well, that was somewhat horrifying. I even forgot to look for C. Thomas Howell who I saw from the opening credits was on the show last night. Missed him...did anyone else pick him out? Although I did call it from the beginning of last night's show...."it's time for a 'regular' character to die". But my first guess was Curtis until he saved the day and then I saw Edgar lumbering down to the basement...

*who's still rotten in the President's cabinet? the vp or mike novak are my guesses. but you know it has to be someone b/c Lynn was just put at CTU TODAY, and the bad guys already set him up.

* don't you think that a place like CTU would have metal detectors that everyone who entered would have to pass through? that bad guy and his briefcase just strolled right in with simple key-card trickery.

* it was nice to see Kim again, but I fear that her new boyfriend is going to be the "someone must make the ultimate sacrifice" we heard about in the previews.

* I think that a whole lot of problems could be taken care of early if Jack would just teach a class on "Sneaking Up on the Bad Guys" to everyone at CTU

"If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, Mr. Brave man, I guess I'm a coward." - JH

editor's note: c just researched the question and discovered that C. Thomas Howell is the guy playing Kim's boyfriend/psychiatrist!!! shocking. he's not nearly as, um...poster-worthy as he was back in the day when he was Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders. Man, we're getting old.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

we could, so we did.

so c and i were on our way sunday when opportunity knocked. i was flying free because c had given up his seat on an overbooked flight sometime this last year. and lo and behold, it happened again in st. louis. they needed people to give up their seats. so BECAUSE WE CAN, we did. got $600 in travel vouchers to use within the year and had to wait a whole hour eating at chilis too for the next flight, which we made going standby. very nice.

the david crowder band played at the willowcreek conference. good stuff. but my favorite part of the actual conference itself was listening to greg stier, who is the CEO and founder of dare 2 share ministries. if you ever get the chance to hear him speak, don't miss it. his message was excellent. plus, he made me laugh out loud a lot and like i always say: funny teaches. gordon macdonald was really good, too. he was my other favorite speaker. then i'd have to say that darren whitehead came in a close third out of the 7 speakers i heard. but i'm not sure if what he said was all that great or if it was just engaging because he has that cool australian accent. like listening to crocodile dundee for an hour---who couldn't do that? aside from the conference, we ate chicago pizza pies and hot dogs and walked around the navy pier and the magnificent mile. it was much fun and a coveted rest from routine.

got my first crown today...the tooth kind, that is---a result of 3 cracks in a molar. as i blog, the whole left side of my face is numb, including my left nostril. and might i add, this is a very unique and interesting sensation. i just tried to smile at myself in the mirror and it looked like this :-/

and I'll leave you with this JH deep thought, in honor of Chicago: If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, because maybe you'll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the windy city

uh, but 32 degrees is still pretty dern bone-chillin' cold, especially when you're walking across the chicago river at night.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

good day, sunshine

turns out 55 minutes isn't that long after all, and 23 degrees can turn to 32 degrees before you even get on the airplane. :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

most banal to date

Going to Willow-world in Chi-town where the high on Sunday is oh, roughly 22. At least the sun is shining, though. This dreary, fog-infested, rainy cold-stuff is making me crazy.

A is Little Bo Peep tonight in her school program. That should be entertaining. She was pretty worked up about it last night...couldn't go to sleep. Do you remember when life was that simple? That'd be nice if I just had to dress up like Peep on Saturday and deliver two lines instead of lead 3 hours worth of conferences. Not that I'm complaining (yes, I am); it's just that 3 hours is a very long time for a person who is not all that wordy. Succint, concise - these are words that describe me (except of course when it comes to my blog where I often find the need to key my every thought and then follow them up with explanations of those thoughts. maybe that's what I should do; I could pretend that the audience is my monitor and I'm simply blogging all my thoughts about teaching for transformation and facilitating meaningful discussion. yeah). therefore, I find it difficult to get excited about 55 minutes times 3. Besides that, most people tune out after 22.5 minutes anyway, wondering what's for lunch and if Midlothian has anything good because we've come all this way.

You might be wondering why I'm boring you with such frivolity. It's because I am currently a prisoner in my own house. There's a painter who has been here all day caulking and painting, caulking and painting, caulking and painting. Our cabinets will most likely need to be replaced, but this is a last-ditch effort to fix the problem before going to such an extreme measure on a brand-new home. Anyway, I'm not a daytime tv watcher, and i must stay here. So looks like you get a meaningless blog out of the deal.

I know you were disappointed that the last entry didn't have a deep thought, so here ya' go:

Probably the saddest thing you'll ever see is a mosquito sucking on a mummy. Give it up, little guy. - JH

Sunday, February 19, 2006


well he was on there 3 x, but, apparently, you had to know where he was standing because i never saw him.

they didn't show the older brother's room, but he had a flight simulator in there.

some notable quotes from the fam as we watched it together:

c on kdw and lack of airtime: "Maybe next time he should donate some bone marrow beforehand."

a on the bubble room: "NO FAIR!"

b on plans for the future: "When I grow up I'm going to build a shack and get some animals in there to get my allergies really bad. Then maybe I can get a house like that."

i'm so proud!!! it's all about giving and love, isn't it?

Just keepin' it real.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

totally random

sitting here watching the downhill moguls competition. and i wish they had those guys miked. because I'm thinking that monica seles has nothing on them....ow ow ow ow ow ow oo ah ow ow ow oo oo ah ow ah ow ow ow ow ow ow ah oo ow ow [raise arms to make all the peoples think you just did something really important and had fun while doing it]

clay is sitting next to me and he smells just like a big jar of peanut butter. some snacks just stay with you for awhile. nice.

kdw is 'bout to be world famous. everybody tivo this sunday's extreme makeover: home edition at 7. either that or go to his house for the big party and watch it there. he sent me an invitation and i'm sure he meant that you're all invited, too. btw, he's the brains behind the front of the house. and i saw pics and it do look good.

If you ever teach a yodeling class, probably the hardest thing is to keep the students from just trying to yodel right off. You see, we build to that. - JH

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

that's buttaful

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. This is from A to me. No, we don't expect her to win the spelling bee, but don't you think she has great potential as a writer? And on a scale of preciousness, I'm thinking that card is pretty much at the top.

- buttaful me

Love can sweep you off your feet and carry you along in a way you've never known before. But the ride always ends, and you end up feeling lonely and bitter. Wait. It's not love I'm describing. I'm thinking of a monorail. --Jack Handey

Monday, February 13, 2006

Could You Please Repeat the Word?

she said "tapestried". He heard "tapestry". Too bad that wasn't the word she said because he spelled it right. parents around us wondered why he sat down, because they thought she said tapestry, too. oh well. 8th one left standing in the county bee...not bad. and there's always next year. and this reminds me of another deep thought by Jack Handey:

"If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let 'em go, because, man, they're gone."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

grasping, grasping...

did anyone notice the score of the women's basketball game last night between Texas A&M and UT? THAT'S RIGHT : fightin' Texas Aggies dominated 73-53. and yes, i do realize i'm grasping at straws.

For your entertainment - Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey: Probably to a shark, about the funniest thing there is is a wounded seal, trying to swim to shore, because WHERE DOES HE THINK HE'S GOING?!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

dumbfounded and disappointed yet somewhat hopeful

[exhale] Finished my 6 month writing assignment last night about 9. You'd think I'd have lots to say about that, but I'm sitting here dumbfounded. that's right, dumbfounded. Maybe I'm all out of words? I sure hope not since I have ladies' Bible study tonight, a Sunday school conference in 2 weeks, and a unit for youth from Acts about the church to get started on.

I must admit, this week's 24 was somewhat disappointing. One of the things that has endeared me to the show is the intensity and frequent surprise. But this week...at least 3 things that were all too familiar: the deaths of the two people - one who had vital info. and one who you just wanted to see in a jail cell for a minute. You know, like all those times Sydney and Jack had conversations with Arvin Sloane through the bars on Alias? Then there was the introduction of some weird little sub-plot that seems entirely pointless--Lynn's strung-out sister having him mugged in the parking lot. Reminded me of the schizophrenic daughter from last season whose demise did not come soon enough for me. But I'm a true fan and a writer myself, so I'll give them the benefit of doubt and anticipate a super show next week.

This coming Monday night Brandon is in the county spelling bee. Go Brandon! Here's hoping the spelling bee gives us some bloggable material...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

a plethora of enlightening info.

on last night's 24 - that's why it's not called "6"

on church yesterday- did i mention we were packed? and that's even before the big Midlothian Mirror spread hits every home later this week

on the Seahawks using "the 12th man" - why didn't we take care of the rights on that long ago?

on writing - down to the final 3 sessions on the ANSE (assignment that never seems to end)

on January - is it just me, or has this been the longest month in history? When was Christmas, 6 months ago?

on ladies' Bible study - starts tomorrow night. Ephesians. writing it myself this time. we'll see how that goes.

on Brandon getting knocked hard to the floor in a basketball game - ever heard the phrase, "playing mad"? well, he does it quite well. got up and played like a lad possessed.

on Abby and citizenship - landed her first "citizen of the 6 weeks" honor. a proud moment for a girl whose social goals match her academic ones.

on me wasting time this morning - that was fun.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

the beginning and the end

so we had our first Sunday service in our brand-spanking new building today and it was so much fun! even way more exciting than moving into our own house, methinks. and just in case you Midland-folk were wondering....yes, it is, indeed, quite the large chore to move an entire church. so you have THAT to look forward to, but don't worry; it's well worth it in the end.

i told clay that this has been without a doubt our busiest season of marriage to date. and kinda weird, too, because our busy-ness is mostly independent of each other. yet, at the same time, so very similar---does that make sense? But now he's mostly moved in and has facilitated the coming-together of one very cool youth room. And as for me, I have come to the final four sessions of the Big One, that is, the assignment that has seemed to have no end. It's true--I just might break out into song.... :-0

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

in excess

Well the "Reveal" is done and I suppose that KDW's perhaps-greatest-moment-of-fame to date and perhaps-greatest-selfless-act-on-behalf-of-someone-he-didn't-know have now come to a finish. In the pictures on the website, I saw his forehead in one picture and his backside in the distance in another. I don't know why he couldn't have been more central to the publicity. sheesh.

If you spent some time praying for me today, thanks. I'm quite certain that God multiplied my time. As many of you know, I've been somewhat stressed here in the home stretch of my adult-curriculum assignment. I have to say that I really do love the study it requires--kinda like what i imagine seminary to be. But with all the stuff I've agreed to write in the last 6 months, I should probably have changed the blog to "because i can't". That's the glaring truth that I've taken from it all....not that i ever really thought it was me doing it before, it's just that now I've learned the lesson up close and personal.

Is it just me or do they play that Sawyer Brown song every time YOU get in the car to go somewhere, too? no offense to any of you who are excited about its excessive airtime.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

brushes with greatness

don't go blaming me b/c hours 3 and 4 were a little rough. ok, they were A LOT rough, but now the crisis has temporarily resolved (thanks to Sean Astin) and we can all get on with our lives again until next Monday. whew.

I don't know all the details, yet, but my little bro is the project manager (i think that's the right title) for a house that Royce Builders was chosen to build in Houston for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The show is going to be aired sometime in mid-February. They just announced it to the people they're building it for this morning. So now I'm probably just going to be known as "Kendall's sister" since I'm pretty sure this is way more famous than anything I've ever done before. But at least I can say, "oh yeah, that guy...he used to comment on my blog..."

I'll keep you up-to-date because it's SO EXCITING and my brother's going to be on tv and everything, unless they cut him out and act like Ty Pennington is more important or something. See what I mean? We don't even know if Ty P. HAS a sister, much less what her name is. Anyway, way to go KDW--i always knew you were destined for greatness!

EDIT: ok, so now i have the skinny, the down-low, the nizzle on the hizzle bizzle. KDW is one of 8 guys that Royce Bldrs. put on the project. it normally takes 90+ days to build a house; they're doing it in 4.5 (between tomorrow when they tear down the existing home and Tuesday). He's on it 24/7 until it's finished. Here's the website in case you're interested: http://www.extremeroycebuilders.com/

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Happy Bday to AEH. She's 7 today, you know. And that makes me feel a little bit old. And a little bit sad b/c my baby isn't a baby anymore. 7 is like....full-blown kid or something. i can even remember my own 7. So i guess that means that from here on out, joys and hurts and everything will be forever etched on her heart and mind. And that's pretty big stuff, 7.

But bigger than all of that is the wonder of getting to watch her become and the overwhelming knowledge that He's even more involved in that than I am. When i think about it that way, 7 is pretty exciting. In fact, i've already thanked Him for 7 today - and if you have any love at all for AEH, how 'bout you do that, too?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jack's Back

Looks like we have several encouragers who frequent my blog. Either that, or no one uses the "make photo much bigger so you can see the many imperfections in the shirt design" feature. (You need to click on the picture.) Anyway, 5 of the little things have already fallen off. But don't worry...we're way too far into this to give up now.

I wish that I was computer savvy enough to put a little countdown thingy on here in honor of the season premier of 24. That's right...one week til the 4-hour premiere next Sunday and Monday nights. It's all very exciting.

P.S. Went and saw a Sneak Preview (my first sneak preview EVER) of Glory Road last night with L&SA. Much fun and GREAT flick. And I even got teary a couple of times...(which also happened last week while watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) --don't know what's happening to me in my mid-thirties. Anyway, you should definitely go see it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


If you see my little girl wearing this shirt, do her a favor and pretend that you think it's the greatest thing ever. You see, she got a little t-shirt maker thingy for Christmas from my crafty sister-in-law. A, of course, loves it and couldn't wait to create her own t-shirt. The only problem is that it required my help, and instruction #1 said, "Use steady hands." This is impossible for me, the one who has a tremor which sometimes causes cashiers to wonder what drugs I'm on as they try to place change in my shaky hand. So it's understandable that it took an hour and a half to finish this beautiful shirt with wavy letters. Come to think of it, maybe I should have intentionally made the letters wavy; that way, you'd be none the wiser. But too late. It's done and so I'm just saying the crooked letters and little holes give it character. And this is what A said to me after I exclaimed, "AAARRRGGHHH!" for about the tenth time: "It looks great, mom. You are doing your best and not everyone can do it the same as others. I think it's beautiful because you made it." And now we know her spiritual gift~encouragement. She wants to wear it tomorrow. I love that girl.

blogger's block

So, yes, we did have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I can't believe that it's 2006, though. That's just weird. Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'......into the future. doo doo doo-do.