Tuesday, November 29, 2005

do NOT try this at home, kids

We thought C had pink eye. Turns out he had a metal chip imbedded in his cornea. You see, sometimes when you're cutting the tops off fence posts and you don't wear safety goggles this can happen. Dr. JM let even let me have a look in the microscope and pointed out the circle of RUST that is still in C's eyeball. ewwwww. Doc says it should heal up with medicine and I sure hope so, b/c if not...he'll have to have it scraped off. double ewwwww.

Did you know that lipstick can go through the washer AND dryer and remain completely contained within the tube? At least with Clinique lipstick, I've found this to be true. The lipstick itself is ruined, but the clothes are clean and unblemished. However, I have NOT had similar luck with ballpoint pens. These tend to explode all over your clothes.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

good times

well that was fun. here's the down-low:

*saw Dreamer with A while C&B watched Harry P
*saw Chicken Little with C's whole fam and celebrated M and H's birthdays
*played football
*ate turkey and lots of other good stuff with C's whole fam + the Ss
*played more football
*played cards til way too late/early (2 a.m.) with the Gs and Ss--what am I, 19?
*watched football
*watched C and TW finish the fence
*ate leftovers
*ate at Abuelo's and saw Pride and Prejudice with C, the fence guy and his wife. Have to say of the 3 movies I saw this week, P&P was my fave. and only 2 weeks to Narnia!
*facilitated SS discussion of M and the burning bush
*took a nap!

hope YOU had fun!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Turkey Day

Too much of a good thing is wonderful. - Mae West

With this in mind, C's 2005 reasons for thankfulness:
* Faithful Jesus, who illuminates every good thing with proper light
* A's public declaration of her trust in Him
* The friendship of my 39-year-old-but-still-hot husband
* A boy who admires his little sister but picks on her as big brothers are inclined to do
* A girl who adores her big brother but doesn't hesitate to kick him in the shin
* A mom and dad so lovable I'd let them retire on the back-forty.
* lots of family who don't live very far off anymore
* a job...i think i've mentioned this before...that i can do while wearing pajamas
* old friends - cell phones, email, Yahoo! Games, and a blog
* new friends - brunches, lunches, and dinners. movies, shopping, a day spa, a week in Abilene, Hand and Foot, a great house, girls' trip to The Woodlands, and a really, really, really large fence.

Of course there is a lot more stuff, but if I want to keep that job that I can do in pjs, I'd better get cracking today. I hope you have a wonderful week of family and/or friends, good food, and praise of the One who makes life worth celebrating. And since I can't sit at everyone's table on Thursday, I'll just go ahead and tell you: I love you. I'm thankful for you. And I hope the Aggies can somehow miraculously beat the Longhorns. Hullabaloo, everybody!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All My Peeps

Yay for the coldness that's coming today. I don't think that I mentioned it, but when I was in N'ville last week, it was the most perfect fall weather. 30's at night, mid-60's during the day...and so pretty! I also didn't mention the big fun that I had with writer-friends there. It is very cool to have friends who serve in ministry all over the country. I have writer buddies in Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, Idaho, California, Virginia, Montana, Nebraska, Mississippi, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Vancouver, and other places that I can't think of right now. You should know that there are some incredible people writing Bible study curriculum; they exercise in daily life the truths with which they challenge others.

so how come y'all have been so slow on the comments lately? i see you're still visiting daily, but have been somewhat speechless (except for those of you who don't like to comment but who email your answers or tell me in person...i like that). how 'bout everybody comment me and tell me what you're doing for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 11, 2005

you see, we BUILD to that

Thanksgiving coming up. I wonder if it will be 8o + degrees? Let's begin our preparations by contemplating the things we're NOT thankful for...

* e-tickets that don't divulge pertinent information (like which terminal you'll be departing from). yep, got there and had no clue. called clay-pot but the dfw site was down. of course, guessed wrong, causing unnecessary walking at both beginning and end of trip. argh.
* unseasonably hot weather
* rocks where there ought to be soil. makes fence post digging difficult for my hard-working honey-man.
* unidentifiable illnesses
* fantasy basketball players already injured, causing my team to hoover
* dust
* nasty HBO in my hotel room. unable to surf thru channels safely after a long day of work
* distance
* spam and SPAM
* movies that you expect to be good but end up being stupid and dumb
* dishrags that don't absorb water. i guess that's what they mean by linens 'n things
* memory loss
* having to wait until January for the season premiere of your most favorite show in the whole wide world
* Alias, season 5

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Great news & horrible news for my friends...Macy's lump is benign! She'll have surgery to take it out, but that should be the end of it. But Bobby's younger brother died in a car wreck Sunday night. Bobby told Clay on the phone today that this last week has been like a final exam when it comes to exercising faith. Keep praying for them.

Well, I'm off to N'ville tomorrow. Bummer, too, because I'll miss B's presentation as Walter Elias Disney in the school cafeteria Thursday night. :-(

Yea for video!

sometimes writing a title for this thing is just a chore

You know you're out of shape when....
every time you go to answer the phone the person on the other end says, "What are you doing? You sound like you're out of breath."

I think I've hit the treadmill one whole time since we moved in August (for various reasons such as illness, anters-play ort-way, and pure laziness). But I can still amaze the 9th grade boys with my man-like ability to heave the pigskin and spin a basketball on all 10 digits. So there.

We're building a fence. Usually when I say "we", I mean Clay. But last night Abby and I helped to set 8 or so posts. I think that Brandon is going to get in on the action tonight. And I would just like to say again, an acre is very big. Also, I must offer public thanks and appreciation to the Redwood guy for his expert hands-on help and advice.

Friday, November 04, 2005

No More Sickness

This week I've been busy writing discussion questions for FUEL (youth dvd curriculum). My book of study? REVELATION. It's been fun, actually; except for that one session that covers chapters 4-20. That one was a bit of overload. Anyway, I thought I'd give you some of the questions because you seem to have been uninspired to comment on my recent blogs. I don't blame you, really; I've been far too brief to expect banter.

Anyways...a sampling from the various lessons:
* Why wasn't it good enough that the church at Ephesus was hard–working and resisted sin? Why is love so important? What is your usual motivation to serve?
* Do you think that it is easier to stand strong under the persecution of an enemy or under worldly temptations? Why?
* What does it mean that Jesus is described as both a lion and a lamb? What does that mean to your life?
* Compare and contrast the judgment described in Revelation with the judgments that God pronounced in the times of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Tower of Babel. What does this teach you about God?
* In what ways do people express pride in their hometowns? How can you express pride over the new hometown that awaits you?

so go ahead and ponder.

and while you're at it, pray for our little friend Macy A. in Midland. She has a mass on the back of her leg and has to have a biopsy on Monday. And pray for her mom and dad, Bobby and Josie, who have to endure the weekend after hearing the dr. drop words like chemotherapy and radiation after viewing Macy's MRI yesterday.