Monday, February 28, 2005

Building Anticipation

yep. that's what I've been doing. letting your eagerness grow while I think of something new to post. my friend and fellow blogger, sj, told me there would come a day when I might feel somewhat pressured to be witty and clever. Apparently, today's the day. I'm all out of funny for the moment, so I guess I'll just stick to the facts.

Last night I went to my little ladies Bible study thing. Have I mentioned that it's also a cooking class and dinner? And all I can say is, "mmmmmm." Each week we have a cooking class and then have Bible study. During that time, our meal is prepared by a lady named Susan who can flat out cook. So, I had eaten my delicious meal and then headed up to the church to get the kids from Clay so they could get to bed at a decent time. It was dark and I was in a hurry and...well, long story short. I accidentally slammed (yes, that's the correct verb) Brandon's hand in the car door. He was getting in the sliding door behind me and had rested his hand where my door closes. I'm telling you I ALWAYS look because I've been paranoid about that, but this time I didn't and there it went. Can I tell you that I'm pretty sure there's NO feeling more awful than injuring your own child (except maybe injuring someone ELSE'S child...that'd be pretty bad, too)--even knowing full well it was an accident. His tall man, ring finger and pinky are purple and swollen a bit, but they move ok and the xrays showed no fracture. I'm telling you it's amazing because that door was closed....hard....on his little hand. The dr. was even surprised that there was no break, but gave Brandon his blessing to go to baseball practice tonight. He just told him to let pain be his judge on what to do or not do.

and, yes, I'm aware that we've become very accident prone. i know that's what you were thinking.

Abby's sitting here beside me having her "quiet time". How cool is that? I found a neat little devotion book for girls her age with fun activities. She said to tell you "hi". And now she's going to blog a little something to her go get 'em.

I am having a program at my school. Its cald ham it up. and I am going to dres up as a pig. I git to tel a jok to the odiens. I miss you. Love,Abby

Alright. I'm off to cook dinner for the fam. Check back soon...because I can, I probably will.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Life Lessons from You to Me

Some Stuff I've Learned from my Friends, whether they knew it or not
don't spend too much time trying to figure out which letters are for you-some of you have the same letters anyway.

  • generosity is fun (especially when you treat your friends)--al
  • in friendship, age doesn't really matter, and neither does life experience --ss class
  • hospitality is an art, and everyone should enroll in the class--sa
  • sometimes you have to work hard at friendship, and it's worth it. --none ya'
  • it's ok to pray boldly, even if you were raised baptist--lw
  • mi casa es su casa--j & k b.
  • but i might have to kick you out of mi casa when it gets really late and you haven't left yet :-)--s&dp
  • be yourself. at least most of the time.--sp, al, and ja
  • saying what you really think can get you in trouble--sp, al, and ja
  • some people are just born smarter than the rest of us--sj
  • sometimes you have to work hard at friendship, and it's not worth it--none ya'
  • talking in church is far more distracting than passing notes--al
  • but there's a new way to pass notes in church and it's called text-messaging--the youth of FBCMidlothian
  • some people think the speed limit is there as a rule rather than a guideline--rj
  • being very nice is a worthwhile pursuit--sj
  • it's good to encourage and even brag on your friends--sp
  • don't act like everything is ok when it's not because your real friends know the difference anyway--sm
  • invite your friends over for dinner; they'll love it--ls
  • nothing deepens a friendship more than praying together--sa
  • but laughter is great, too--al, sm, ja
  • get to know your friends' kids, because they're just as cool as your own--sa, sm, sp, bj
  • you don't have to live close to someone to be her friend--sf, jb

so of course my list isn't complete. it's all i can include for now, but know that i consider myself blessed to call you my friends.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

sharing life

Yes, yes, yes! on "Because of Winn Dixie". I laughed...I cried...It was an extremely good call on my part to not cave and go see "Mask"! Winn Dixie was a heart-warming tale full of (per our previous conversation) parable - lessons about loving others, forgiveness, and sharing life. I highly recommend the flick...and both kids loved it, too.

A few more websites for you that I think are good. ummm, yeah. Brandon got this little handheld 20Q game for Christmas and it guesses almost anything you're thinking of in 20 or 25 questions. The website itself is even smarter. my big brother showed me this. if you have a gps, you can go on treasure hunts with your kids and stuff by typing your zip code in on this website and getting coordinates where things are hidden in your neck of the woods. like 15 years old, i think, and she writes all her own music...and it's good. can't beat that. I like "Beautiful"

Brandon took the TAKS today and said it was boring. The writing prompt was something about a favorite day you remember. Brandon said his ending went something like this (regarding a trip to Sea World) "It was a day that I know will one day be brainwashed from my mind forever." You'll all be proud of me that I didn't say anything...just nodded and muttered "hmmmm..." or something like that. But I'm not thinking that anyone besides him is going to get what he meant by that. :-)

I got my haircut today and it made me miss Midland...The Body Shop has moved now, right? And you've all gotten to go to it and it's really really fun. sigh. Somebody tell Danette I said that, ok?

My good friend and the matron of honor in my wedding called me last Thursday to tell me that her husband, who is also my friend, has a brain tumor. He's 45 years old and never had a clue there was anything wrong until he had a seizure last week. Anyway, he's having surgery on March 1 at 9 a.m. and his name is Kirk. Please pray for him, for Jan, and for their kids Matt and Laura.

well, Abby wants me to come play a game with her or something so I guess that's it for now. Later!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Stuff of Substance

OK, I'm wondering why the Assembly of God folks have such better camps than the Baptists. This place we stayed for Ladies' Maypearl, remember???....they were motel rooms with double sinks. We had a large common area to hang out and a meeting room for, well, meeting. Anyway, I digress. At about 1 am I'm sitting in the common area and notice that I'm on a leather couch. And I can honestly say that I've never met finer accomodations at a camp. I had a good time and stayed up way later than usual just because I was having fun with the girls. You know how goofy you get after 12:30 am? I actually heard this statement: "Papa Smurf ROCKS." The statement just landed and no one challenged it because it was declared boldly as fact. But now that I'm rested...I don't think I would have agreed. I think I might have had to challenge with something like, "No, I disagree. Because those guys were just blue and weird."

Our speaker was Robin Johnson who told me to say hello to "Flash" know who you are. Robin was hilarious. She's a pastor's wife in Frisco, who has been a news anchor...most notably at CNN Headline News in Atlanta. But I'm getting off track again. Something she said to me on Friday night has had me thinking. WHen KP introduced us and told Robin that I write for LifeWay, Robin said, "AHHH, substantive. Something very different than what I do." Which was funny. Because I found myself thinking about how I could make my "talk" on Saturday morning of the ladies' retreat funnier (i know that's not a word but it's MY blog), knowing that I was following Robin. I sat listening to her thinking that I wish I were better at that part of know, just spinning a tale. It's nice to get laughs, after all. Anyway, here she was, looking at it from the opposite view. So you can see why this has caused much thought.

Now I've heard this argument before: some people like heavy duty Bible study at a ladies' retreat. Others just like to have a good laugh. Now, obviously no funny story can replace God's Word in truth and power, but stick with me here. Though she didn't give me some deep spiritual quote to write down and treasure, she gave me laughter. And through hearing her life experiences, I found commanality with another believer who is simply using the very unique gifts that God has given her to the best of her ability. AND, as I told Robin, I disagree with her conclusion... there's substance in ANY story if you just look at it from an eternal view. After all, even Jesus taught in parables. The key is looking for the application in it.

So, I know you didn't come here looking for something quite so deep. ON another subject and back to a previous post, my favorite part of that baby got book video that you should have all seen by now...definitely the flannel graph scene and the line "NIV with a ribbon bookmark".

Well, tomorrow is President's Day or something and the kids don't have school. We're going to go see "Because of Winn Dixie" with friends. The kids wanted to see "Son of the Mask", but I had to draw the line. Tuesday is the big day...4th grade Writing TAKS....oooooooooooooo....isn't it twisted how elementary schoolers have to stress like they're taking the SAT or something?

My sister-in-law was too chicken to post a comment :-) but she expressed concern about my things that make me happy list. So you can look soon for a list that, though it won't include anything as cool as the mechanical pencil, will reveal a perhaps more thoughtful array of smile-bringers. Until then...


Thursday, February 17, 2005

things that make me smile

So what? Clay is right (read his comment for my Tuesday post). I can't wait a whole week before posting again. But really it's your fault. Since I added the counter at the bottom of the page, it's apparent that you've been starving for one more "Favorite" site to click on each day--just for the sake of clicking. (scroll down. no, further. the very bottom. see! there have been a lot of clicks!) I'm glad you're enjoying it so much, but help ME enjoy it more by posting your comments! I'm also going to work on my blogging skills; hopefully soon I'll learn how to add pictures for you to enjoy as well (patience, grasshoppa' ).

Really, I'm just putting off getting to work on session 3 of my current writing assignment today. So I'll make it short. Here are some things (in no real particular order) that make me smile.

10. Leaving the post office with a ROLL of stamps instead of a book.
9. Coke...regular, classic variety...with those little bitty balls of ice in a styrofoam cup, with lid and straw
8. a basketball and a hoop
7. the smell of brand new tennis balls when you open the can.
6. mechanical pencils
5. the Waxahachie Chick-fil-A because they have out those delicious white mints like the ones at IHOP, but I don't know how else to describe them.
4. Friday breakfasts with Clay
3. Brandon's smile
2. Abby's laugh
1. clicking the "send" button after finishing a writing assignment.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Member's Class

I know, I know...I said I wouldn't post again until next week, but it's been an eventful few days. As it turns out, Brandon has provided me with ample material for an extra post that I think you'll enjoy reading.

Brandon came up with a different kind of New Member's Class Sunday night at church. A bunch of boys his age were playing inside (ok, they might have possibly been running like little banshees). Anyway, Brandon rounded a corner just as a boy whose family had JUST JOINED THAT MORNING also rounded the same corner and, can probably imagine. Brandon chipped his front tooth and knocked it and another permanent one loose a little bit. He had himself a nice little toothache. But the other little boy went to the ER for 5 stitches in his forehead. (nice.) He also had a slight concussion for 2 hours. (nicer.)

Thankfully, the parents of the new boy have been very cool about the whole thing. In fact, the kid plays ice hockey, so they're used to accidents and injury. Brandon's tooth has been filed and it looks fine now and the dentist said they weren't loose enough to worry about. So the moral of the story? What your parents always said really is true...don't run in the church!

A more lighthearted tidbit: one of Brandon's Sunday School teachers is a young guy in his 20's. Dr. Brad, as Brandon calls him, and Brandon have hit it off. Dr. Brad and his wife live just one street over, so Brandon rode his bike to see them. Apparently, the visit was filled with tall tales. Here's a little sampling: Dr. Brad - What's your new house going to be like?
Brandon - We're probably going to have a tennis court and a basketball court.
Dr. Brad - Really?
Brandon - Yeah. My mom is built for speed.

In Brandon's defense, I think he must have overheard statements like...what are we going to do with all that yard (all the lots in the neighborhood must be 1 acre or more), it's big enough for a...(fill in the blank). aaaahhhh, kids....

OK, you need to look at this video
it is hilarious.
oops. i just noticed that link isn't working, so if you can't get there that way, try this:
and watch the baby got book video.

And raise your hand if you think that 24 is the best show ever. Me, too. I could barely sleep last night wondering how Jack was going to save the misguided, but strangely likable young terrorist named Behrooz.

OK, I think that's really going to be all until next week. I'm going to go now and run around the block or something. After all, I am...

Built for Speed

Sunday, February 13, 2005

first time blogger

I have joked with my friend A.L. that she should join the craze that is cyberspace, all the while ignoring the bLOG in my own eye. Rather than sending mass emails to you, my friends, I think I will now try this. If you want to know what we're up to, and don't feel like who shall remain can just hop on over to my blog to get all the latest news. Thanks for introducing me to the concept, Sharon!

I must warn you that for some, it may be a little much. After all, I AM a writer, so I may tend to be a little wordy. But if you're going to read my "diary", you'll just have to adjust.

SO here's my first little update:
I've mentioned to some of you that moving in the middle of a cold, rainy winter and living in a cold, little cave of a rent house isn't the best way to perk up your spirits. Add to that sick kids and a new little health issue...overactive histamines that cause my skin to itch and welt 24/7...and I've got myself a nice little reminder from God that He's in charge and I am not! But, before you get to thinking that I'm miserable, know that I'm actually doing quite well. Medicine is my friend, sick kids eventually go back to school, and the sun is shining today! I do like it here - Clay likes his job and the kids are adjusting very well. I've been busy writing and making decisions for our new house that will be built this spring. I can't wait! You'll have to come for a visit, yes...all of you!

Tonight begins our first sr high/college worship service called 6:58. Yes, we totally ripped off of 10:51, but it IS based on a verse (John 6:58). We have a really great band made up mostly of college students and Clay will "preach" each week. I say "preach" because it is a different kind of service...he'll use lots of video and will be somewhat interactive. Anyway, we're excited about it and are looking forward to it. It's much needed b/c our Wednesday night program is overrun by jr. highers...about 70-80 each week. So the high school needed their own thing.

My little teaching hiaitus (sp?) is coming to a much needed end. If I'm not teaching somebody something, I'm a little bit lost. Anyway, my week to "mentor" younger women in the Apples of Gold Bible study class is coming up. Also, I've filled in teaching youth Sunday School and will get to teach the whole group in a couple of weeks and then again on Sunday nights when Clay wants a break. And, of course, I can't wait to do Crestview's ladies' retreat in April! For now, that'll have to do. I'm going to continue focusing my energies on helping the kids adjust, supporting and encouraging Clay(he's super busy these days) writing, and dreaming of my new house!

So I guess that's it for now. Check back weekly if you're interested. I should have a newsworthy post next week about my first FBC Midlothian ladies' retreat. We're going to Maypearl...anyone know where THAT is? Should be interesting....