Sunday, September 30, 2007

Questions? Contact our webmistress at...

C and I spent a large part of the weekend creating the student ministry pages on our church's website. Before this weekend, I knew practically nothing about web design, but now C calls me his "webmistress", I guess because webmaster is so common. Anyway, we made a lot of pages and some of the images we created ourselves. So I thought you might like to enjoy our handiwork. Besides that, it will keep you informed about what's going on here in the hub of Texas. Keep in mind that we're planning to add several more pages, so you might want to check back in later this week. Also keep in mind that there are a couple of kinks we'd like to work out:
* we wanna change the pics on the banners. i don't know about you, but we just don't think the single mom and grandpa images are really all that youthy.
* and we're having issues with centering.
i think that's all we don't like.

For starters, look at the page and then start clicking on all the buttons you can, because we're especially proud of those little linky things. And it's purty durn fancy because when you click on one page, you might get to click somewhere else on the next page. It's like a fun little surprise. And when you're finished, you might want to comment me about your favorite student ministry page.

Just to show you that I'm worthy of the title "webmistress", I'm gonna give you one of those cute lil buttons right now. so to get to the website, click HERE

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mandatory Participation

Because I can, I decided to add the poll feature to the blog. The way I envision it, I will now have a simple tool to use on days, much like today, when I am feeling pressured to blog but have very little to say. Also, it will allow the 20 or so of you (yes, i'm watching you with another nifty little tool called "sitemeter"), who refuse to comment for various reasons, to participate without actually forming your own sentence. I've given you several from which to choose. So let's have 100% participation in the poll, people.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


In preparation for the day we all get our $ together and rent our own island, I've become a mystery shopper for high-end restaurants and hotels. :-) OK, that's not actually the reason, but I'm still pushing for the island thing.

I used to mystery shop in college, but that was only for one nice restaurant in College Station (that's nice, like I used to think of nice...not nice like the places I'm evaluating now) called Cafe Eccel and Church's Chicken. This is not at all the same experience. But I digress. Last night, C and I got to go eat at a hoity-toity (C wants me to use the term "Schwank") place in Dallas. This was fun for many reasons, the first of which is the fact that we were allowed up to $145 on the meal. that's right, $145 on a meal. So we had to dress up a bit in order to appear that we might actually be able to afford such a meal. And I guess I did ok on that, bc when B saw me he said, "Mom, you look rich."

Another fun-ity of the evening was that we were to arrive separately so that I could, alone, evaluate the bar. Now our instructions were to get there between 8-9:30 and meet up at the bar. I'm wondering, how many married couples have circumstances forcing them to arrive separately at a place like that at that time on a Saturday night? I guessed that anyone noticing might think we were having a clandestine meeting. So there I was, sitting at the bar and waiting for my secret tryst to begin. At this point, I was both rich and sinful.

My job was to inquire the bartender about an "interesting summer drink." This was, in particular, a challenge for me, because I could not know LESS about the subject of alcohol. I guess I pulled that off, too, though, because the bartender was all ready to fix me "The Perfect Summer" when I told him that on second thought, I'd just have tea instead.

After Clay finished with the valet service and perused the grounds for a bit, he came in to find me and had trouble. This was another fun part for me, because I believe he may have begun to panic, thinking that I had left with some strange man who hypnotized me with his worldly charms in my 10 minutes alone in the bar. :-) After all, I DID look rich....and alone. But we found each other and went on to enjoy items from each course, as if we had not a care that there are, in fact, starving children in Africa. The food was simply delish, as I imagine the two men who were holding hands in a quiet corner booth would describe it to you. Here's to me doing a good job on my report so that we can evaluate a schwank hotel next time, as I am certain that will provide us more bloggable fun.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Maybe Her Parents Were Artsy, Too...

A has a friend over right now who is writing the music to go with one of A's songs. They're upstairs on the keyboard. And I just have to say that it is awesome. I'm not really referring to the quality of what's going on up there, but the very process of it. I wish you could be here to "overhear" them with me. They're FOCUSED. But I must say that I didn't know that A could be so bossy. Tempermental artists....

C is busy selling our group's unused tix for this girls' conference in Dallas next weekend. They're posted on the women of faith website. (who cares...i know...but i have to tell you this in order to share the real gem>>) Today he got a call from a woman named Kissie Mouse. Now I've heard of some crazy names in my day, but folks, now we have a winner.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Own Private Island!

So I was doing a little research tonight, and I found what I want for my next birthday. It's the perfect gift!

I figure if all of us pitch in together, we could all stay there for at least 30 minutes or so.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sanjaya Returns

Tragedy was narrowly, nay, miraculously, averted this week. Since 2 of us are allergic to all things furry pet, we have fish. B has a beta in a little beta tank in his room and A has a beta in a little beta tank in her room. (Flash, the bearded dragon, returned to the earth a month ago while we were on vacation.) You might recall that A loves her fish, and that she named him Sanjaya.
Tuesday morning as the kids were getting ready to leave the house, I noticed that Sanjaya's tank was looking sad, so I decided to change the water. His tank has a little plug at the bottom in order that you might slowly drain the nasty water and replace it without actually removing the fish. I might note here that this is a very small tank, certainly no larger than a goldfish bowl. I took the tank to the laundry room, pulled the plug, and set it in the sink. This is, I believe, the moment when Sanjaya and his draining tank left my mind completely. (Did I mention that it's early when everyone is leaving the house? 7:05, to be exact.)
A got home from school at 3:20. We were talking over the day and I was putting up clean clothes in B's room. I saw his beta, Sally, swimming happily along and asked A if she had remembered to feed Sanjaya that morning. From her room, she inquired, "Where is my fish?" This is the moment when said draining (er, drained) tank reentered my mind. In a panic, I shouted, "OH SHOOT!!!!" and sprinted through the house to the laundry room sink, where I found a completely drained tank, as you might imagine. It was, after all, a full 8.5 hours later. I came out of the laundry room, where A stood, perplexed, and said, "I killed your fish. I'm soooooo sorry!" and then began to recount the events exactly as they had happened. She cried. I cried. We hugged. Then, I don't know why unless it was the Spirit of God, I felt inclined to make sure that Sanjaya had indeed, met his untimely death. I reentered the room of certain death and turned the water faucet on over the tank. It filled, and a couple of seconds passed, but then....up from the pebbles he arose! and began swimming about with seemingly no ill effects from my attempt at fishslaughter. I don't think that his tiny little fish brain even knows that anything bad had happened. A and I began to laugh joyously and she exclaimed, with tear-streaked face, "I bet a neon would have died."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

small electric appliance

Today began cross country mornings for B. He has to be at the athletic complex at 7:30 in the a.m.s to run before school. And that's about when school starts for A, so the quiet of the house is happening early these days. This means that I will eat breakfast earlier, which means that I will begin looking forward to lunch earlier. (Don't mock very world revolves around food.) Anyway, I made a brilliant purchase just weeks ago, making lunchtime even more anticipated than before. I bought a Panini Presse' (look at Target trying to be all fancy) and I researched my favorite panini sandwiches from such eateries as Panera and Corner Bakery. I'm making a mean Chicken Pomodori and even have kettle chips for a side. It's tasty, I tell ya'. And as a responsible blogger, I just wanted to inform you because you might not even know that such an incredible' appliance' exists.