Saturday, October 27, 2007

Food Challenge

I'm changing my list of fave shows. Now it goes like this:
1. 24 and Friday Night Lights (I can't choose bc 24 isn't on right now, but that FNL is a GREAT show.)
2. 24 and Friday Night Lights
3. The Closer
4. House
5. Kid Nation

So last week on Survivor, they had the season's disgusting food challenge. They're in China, so they were having to eat some Chinese delicacies that were WAY over the top, in my opinion. Let's see, there were the little baby turtles, chicken hearts, eels, 1,000 year old eggs, and the worst of all...chicken fetuses, complete with feathers and all.

Watching this got me wondering, if another country was doing their own episode of Survivor, and the setting was America, what would be the food challenge that would make the foreigners gag and the show's watchers dry heave in their living rooms? At first I was hard pressed to come up with comparable food items, but then maybe not:

Pork rinds
raw oysters

and C wants me to add boiled eggs (but i like those)

maybe you'd like to help me with my list?

new stuff

I got myself a new little job this week. I'm gonna be a math tutor at A's school for 4th and 5th graders who need extra help getting ready for the TAKS. It's just 2 afternoons and only 4 hours a week, but I'm excited about it. I've been wanting to get back in the classroom, but only a little bit...not much! Mainly, I'm missing human interaction every day between 8-3. So this seems perfect for me. Plus the pay is really good, so of course, that's an added bonus.

Also, I'm going to be working on a brand new curriculum piece for LifeWay. Its for African-Americans. I know, I know...this brings up all kinds of questions. I'm not African-American, so why am I working on the piece? And why is there a need for a separate piece for African-Americans? I don't know all the details, so I can't really answer these questions adequately just yet. But I will learn them very soon, and so we shall discuss it further then.

Monday, October 22, 2007

name dropper

tonight i was sitting around doing nothing much so i decided to try out the new show, "Chuck." And in the first few minutes of the episode, I saw an old friend of ours playing the part of a chauffer. But then he got shot like 30 seconds into his scene, so that was sad, because as soon as I said, "HEY! There's DAVE!" he was dead. Still, it was pretty cool. Usually Dave isn't ON the shows he works...he is a stunt guy and directs fight scenes. When we lived in Orlando, Dave was a stuntman on the Wild West Show at Universal Studios. Anyway, I know how you've come to expect some name-dropping here on because you can, and i haven't done that for awhile, so there ya' go.

hey here's a different kind of name-dropping....C won the new ipod touch at the Texas Youth Minister's Conclave a couple of weeks ago. it's very neato, but we're selling it on ebay. cha-ching.

and i was a good little reviewer at that restaurant, so now i get to evaluate a fancy hotel. And i'm not positive yet, because i don't have the details quite yet, but i think i might HAVE to evaluate the hotel's spa services. :-) more to come on that...

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well now I just want to know what I have to do to get a "PG" or "PG-13" rating. After all, those generally do better at the box office, so it makes sense that you might come back more often if "because i can" gets a little edgy. Let's try a new approach to journaling today, shall we?

Friday night we drove over to Corsicana to watch our Panthers play football. We drove right past the Texas Youth Commission facility where juveniles are taken for doing dumb and stupid stuff like stealing cars, selling and doing drugs, and engaging in violence. Sometimes in such cases of violent behavior, there is even blood. And sometimes I think that nudity is probably involved, like when the delinquents streak around town when they are high on marijuana and crack cocaine. This kind of behavior, much like drunkenness, can only get you in trouble.

Anyway, our football team played with a lot of guts. It was an exciting game, but the stupid clock ran out before we could score another touchdown to tie it. Dad-gum. Also, it was very cold to me because I ignorantly wore shorts. C was comfy, though, in his XL panther football t-shirt. He wore this because his other panther shirt is a medium, and i thought that when he wore it last week, he was a little too sexy.

if you, also, are curious, just click on the G-rated button in the previous post and put in my blog address to find out the new rating.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rated G...All Ages Admitted


from JustSayHi

A concerned blog-reader pointed me to this website that rates your blogs. Turns out mine gets a "G" rating, with the following explanation:

"This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

death (1x)"

WHEW~ that fish mishap almost got me in more trouble than I originally thought...not just with A, but with the blog police, too!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Columbus Day

I don't believe we've ever had a more eventful Columbus Day. There was the year we were at Disney World, but even that was like an afternoon siesta when compared to yesterday. First, B got braces. Then thought we'd taunt B at the State Fair with corny dogs and all things fried. The kids had free tickets from school and we had lots of friends who were going. But it seems that everyone in the entire Metroplex had the same plan, and so just getting to the fairgrounds and then into the park was a special challenge. We were not among the 200 who were treated for heat exhaustion, thanks to bottled water, the air-conditioned car show buildings, and the last Watermelon Chill in the Midway vendor's lil freezer chest. We avoided the 20,000 "future Mrs. Jonas" hopefuls who were packed in like sardines at the Jonas Brothers concert. A and her friend had kind of wanted to hear them, but after realizing they were too short to see anything and it was too hot to stand still, they decided it would be better to enjoy other things that Big Tex had planned for them.

All in all, it was a good time...maybe sort of. The heat and crowds were way overwhelming, and A and her friend were done with the whole experience after just a couple of hours. But we did get to hear one of our youth sing on the big stage; her girls' group opened for the Jonas brothers. The dog show was entertaining and B enjoyed the pig races because he stayed into the evening w/ a friend of his. And there's so much education to be had at the fair. Really, where else are you gonna see a 1,000 pound sow? You don't see that kind of magnificence every day, i tell ya'.

I guess our last conversation last night as our weary heads hit the pillows sums up the experience best:

Cy - I love you.
Cl - I love you, too......hey, let's don't ever do that again. OK?
Cy - OK. [drifts off to sleep and dreams of parking-lot traffic and fried lattes]

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Don't Like Your Poll

this post is simply to offer you a place to comment if you can't fully embrace the current poll. maybe you aren't as committed to your DVR as we are. Maybe you don't have a DVR (i'm sorry). Or maybe your favorite premier was Desperate Housewives or something, and so you feel that you wouldn't be true to yourself by voting. whatever. but if you'd like to choose "other", do so by commenting below. i'm all about equal opportunity.