Thursday, August 30, 2007

off the, couch

clay's phone has been ringing all night. it's pretty funny, because the phone # for Dallas Cowboys season tickets is only one number off from his cell phone. I'm not kidding. He's fielded at least 12 calls tonight alone. And I'm not judging, Cowboy fans, but every caller has sounded much like this: "Uh, yeah (add strong Texas twang here) Ah was callin' 'bout thu Cowboy tickets." (or so I've been told.) Clay has strong suspicion that none of these callers could actually afford the tickets, so maybe it's a good thing they're writing down that tricky number wrong. We're wishing we had a credit card machine right about now. Or I wonder if we could talk people into using our paypal account??? (note: these evil thoughts were put into my head by my minister-husband. tsk.)

i must make some life changes. it's time. i am now ready to admit that i cannot drink Coca-Cola (regular variety), eat chicken biscuits, and Oreos willy nilly. Also, I'm going to have to go to bed before 11:30 in the p.m. The first week of school is kicking my posterior. And what's up with starting, then having a holiday the very next week? Just when we're starting to get used to the early mornings, we'll undoubtedly succomb to the temptation of sleeping in (in honor of Labor Day, of course), and then the whole sick cycle will start again. For the love of Pete (i don't actually KNOW Pete...)

Welcome, CJS to the blog...maybe you could show TC proper commenting etiquette! :-)

Friday, August 17, 2007


Yesterday was B's 12th bday. And in a little over a week he'll begin the 7th grade. Bday celebrations are entirely different at this age and I kinda like it. low key, just a few guys hanging out playing pool & ping pong, eating pizza. There was no theme or favor bags. Really, they didn't even need me at all and even better...little parental cash is required for such a gathering. OH, and I didn't have to wrestle with one toy to get it unwrapped or buy D-batteries or anything like that.

I remember his Toy Story party, his Tonka Trucks party, and his Tarzan party. ANd then there was the time we loaded up his friends and went to the Lamesa drive-in...45 min. see Spy Kids 3D. And the time we loaded up his friends and went to the Ennis drive-in...25 min. away. I don't even remember what we saw that time because it was kind of a pain to unload all those chairs and order everyone food. The parties are definitely easier now. Still, thinking about those days makes me a little bit sad....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it doesn't get any better than this

today i fell asleep at about 2:00 and had a dream that i was taking a nap. :-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


i just had shrimp and crab dip and grilled shrimp enbrochette at the aquarium restaurant in kemah. don't hate me. :-)

this morning we went to the san jacinto monument and battleship texas. the ship was very cool and educational but the monument was only so-so because the elevator was closed for maintenance.

we rode the boardwalk beast at kemah today. that's a big speedboat that goes pretty durn fast. upon boarding, the kids asked the crew, "where do you sit to get the wettest?" and so we did. and i'm not talking about a little bit of wet. i'm talking like we might as well have taken a shower with our clothes on. that's how wet we were at the end of the 25 min. ride. makin' memories.

so i know i haven't shared any mission trip stories yet. and i'm sorry about that. but we had a great trip. and there's way too much to write about on here, so you'll just have to pick up the stinking phone if you really want to know. but i will say that on the first day in matamoras, clay was distracted by a man stepping out into the road in front of us. clay ran a red light and (we had been in mexico a total of 2 minutes at this point) a non-english speaking officer of the "law" pulled us over. i say "law" loosely bc apparently there are no laws about jaywalking or standing in the street breathing fire or accosting passersby with your spit rag to clean their windshields. but there are laws about running red lights. anyway, it was exciting there for a bit bc there was very little communication happening but we did understand it when the man took clay's drivers' license from him. i know, i know...a mexican prison would have been a better story, but still, it was a little scary since his license was gone. a few of our students were about to wet their proverbial pants at this point. but in the end, all clay had to do was go to the transit authority a couple of hours later (with 2 spanish speaking friends, wisely) to pay his $14 fine and get his license back. hey, this ending kind of reminds me of the gas station story from earlier this summer.