Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can we land in your yard?

Yesterday C left for Colorado, and we thought that he was going to have all the adventures this week. But last night A shouted, "WHOA!" when she looked out the back windows and spied several hot air balloons right in our neighborhood. We went outside to get a better look, and one of 'em was literally in our backyard. It was so low that it didn't look like it could clear the roof. But they steered the thing beside the house and over our fence instead. We were standing in the driveway (along with several neighbors) and the balloon passed --at the most--about 20 feet above our heads. A woman inside asked, "Can we land in your yard?" But the man kept firing away to lift them a little further along. I don't know where he thinks he was going, but whatever. Another balloon landed in the front yard of a house behind us, so we went to check that out. It was very cool. Here are some pics.

B is off to camp tomorrow and I'm working on that "Best Aunt" award again by hosting two nieces for the week. Girls only week...A is so excited she can hardly stand it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the menfolk is out back killin' a varmint

A few days ago we noticed that a pair of C's yard tennis shoes, which are stored in the garage, had laces that had been "cut". Being a city girl, my natural inclination was to think that some psycho stalker had made his way into our garage and was leaving us little, "Are you in the house alone?" messages. But that paranoia didn't last long, when just two days later, several more garage shoelaces were ripped from their eye holes and taken. At that point, even a city girl can figure out....mouse. So I called the exterminator, because in all my days I have never had a confrontation with a mouse in the wild, or the garage as it were, and I don't want to now.

The exterminator is coming tomorrow, so we thought we should give the garage a good cleaning in preparation. C and B pulled everything out and swept really good. Then they started on the garage closet, which houses our water heater, lots of metal chairs for when teenagers are over, boxes of Christmas decorations, and other stuff. It's a pretty big closet. It didn't take long before the men discovered Templeton's collection of shoelaces and other assorted items. But they did not encounter the beast until they pulled everything out...and there he was. I had pictured in my mind a little field mouse. I was wrong. B was running in to alert me, but C wisely stopped him, knowing this is not a sight for city girl me. He described it to me later, however, as the size of a large guinea pig. Go ahead, you can pause for a moment to be disgusted, as I have already done. Actually, I still am.

C is not such a country boy himself, and so he began to spray Goliath with Round Up, right in the face. Yao Ming then skirted quickly toward the outdoors, with C on his tail swinging a large broom. He missed, but I feel certain that the Rodent Emperor is now running smack dab into fences and the sides of houses since his eyesight is surely lost. Don't do that...don't feel sorry for him because he had it coming the day he took up residence in this place.

After the blind mammoth left the garage, B came down off the top of the ice chest, where I'm told he was standing. He came in the house and got his air soft gun and a flashlight. Now he's out there being manly, searching for a ROUS (rodent of unusual size)and shooting any spider who stands in his way. It's times like these that turn a boy into a man, and a woman into a chicken.

Read Emily's Blog

Our friend Emily has cystic fibrosis. You might remember us talking about her before...she was C's secretary in Midland for awhile. If you visited us there, her husband Jason probably hooked you up w/ some tasty Chick fil A ice cream at the mall. :-)

Emily had a lung transplant on Sunday, after waiting on the transplant list for a loooong time and after having gotten the transplant call several times before only to be sent home. Anyway, she's doing great, and her story is amazing and miraculous. I thought you might like to read it for yourself. I promise she'll bless your life.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Field of Stinking Dreams

While I'm enjoying the fun of twitter, some stories are simply too long to tell in only 140 characters. Besides, I go back sometimes and read my own blogs from the last few years have to admit, that's some funny stuff. :-)

Last weekend C installed misters on the back porch and garage. It's a very cool (literally) idea, and not very expensive at all. But there is a problem and unless we figure it out the whole mister idea pretty much rots (again, i'm speaking literally). When the misters are on, it smells like manure on the back porch. It's disgusting. The garage misters do not smell this way, and so I am somewhat perplexed. Perhaps it is the pvc that came in the mister box that is causing the odorific problem. The garage pipe was purchased separately. I do not know, but he must figure this out because I don't care how hot it is. Cool mist on a hot day is even unpleasant when it smells like freshly laid cow patties.

Today, though, he's been on another project. He had a load of dirt delivered for his backyard chipping green. The Bermuda 419 will be delivered on Tuesday night, so he has until then to get it all spread out nice and even for his backyard play land. Even I have to admit it is going to be really neat. And the best part is that it is, as far as I can tell, the least expensive way to make all that yard look good and usable all at the same time. Maybe one day he'll get a reel mower so that he can putt after he chips. I'll post pics as it progresses.

Today, B worked out there w/ him for several hours, paying off his Zune debt. He's becoming quite the good little, you'd be proud. He's also getting in a few hours each week this summer at the church - setting up chairs and stuff like that. He's learning what you always taught do every job your best.

on another note, middle schoolers sure do party a lot these days. Both nights since school let out there have been big swim/cookout parties. And it makes me smile inside to watch him primp for such occasions. Who showers before they go swimming?