Saturday, June 30, 2007


I can't even imagine how Noah's wife must have felt with the kids cooped up inside for 40 days and nights. After the 16th straight day of rain here, we were about to go nuts. And we even have malls and movie theaters and such. But on Thursday I woke up from a lil afternoon nap and saw a brightness that was unfamiliar in previous days. When I realized this was the sun shining through the windows, I yelled to the girls (A & A) : GET YOUR SWIMSUITS ON! We enjoyed an hour of swimming before the rains began to pour yet again.

B is back from camp and had a splendid time, despite said rain. The missions offering they collected was huge, the camp pastor was great, the Bible study leader was his favorite ever (no offense, none taken), the games and parties were so fun, and the food was great ("Mom, they used REAL MEAT"). He even made it back with $7 in his wallet, which is quite impressive if you know B.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aunt Cynthia

Summer Update:
C got back from youth camp this past Friday. They went to old preteen/youth camp stompin' grounds. This is the place where my stuffed dog, Odie, of Garfield fame, was sent up the flag pole and where, as a counselor at preteen camp I was serenaded by the staffers while I was eating. They, all down on one knee, sang "You Lost That Lovin' Feelin" in the cafeteria the year I had apparently lost interest, since I had started dating C. But back to the here and now...C and his youth campers had a great time and 7 kids that went with our church became Christians! Next stop...Hardin Simmons for Super Summer in July.

B left yesterday morning for Crosspoint Camp. I haven't heard from him yet, but I do know that he scored the back row on the charter bus yesterday, so I guess it got off to a great start. He's rooming w/ his cousin, Brent, who I have discovered is a highly organized (he packed and repacked 3x) , money-saving lad---neither of which are descriptors of my B--so I'm feeling better about all our possessions getting back home on Friday.

A is enjoying the week here at the house with her cousin Alyssa. These two are the most easily entertained individuals...they play together quietly for hours, needing nothing but the occasional snack. Our plan was to swim, swim, swim this week, but it looks more like rain, rain, rain. So we're going to see Surf's Up later today.

I have written 9/14 sessions of my summer writing assignment. If A and A continue their self-sufficiency, I hope to have 11/14 finished by the end of the week! Who knows? Maybe I'll have half the summer left and NO WORK to do. woohoo!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anecdotes from the week formerly known as Vacation Bible School

At Summer Blast, all the kids were directed to choose from cheerleading, soccer, basketball, and football as their chosen sport of the week. This serves as their recreation time and they receive instruction in that sport...kind of like a mini-camp. Anyway, the very same trash-talking boy who made fun of Hannah Montana earlier in the year, told A last week that girls can't play football. He scoffed at the very idea. So guess what sport A chose for the week? you got it...she's playin' football. i love that girl.

At least 1 of you will really enjoy this story (I'm picturing a young SJ w/pantyhose over her head)...part of Welcome Week for B and the other incoming 7th graders is to partcipate in some wild and crazy games. For example. 3 lucky contestants were chosen for a game of Human Darts, where their heads were covered with whipped cream and their teammates threw puffed cheetos at them. The team with the most cheetos stuck to the head at the end of the time limit wins. that one was pretty funny. But even more enjoyable? was watching B in the pantyhose olympics. He (and several others) was challenged to eat a banana, put pantyhose over his head and then spit the mushy stuff through the hose. Whoever gets the most out wins. Now if you know B, you know about his wildly passionate competitive streak. He shoved the banana in so fast that he immediately started gagging. But he overcame that problem and yanked the hose down over his head and started blowing with all his might. The catch is that you can't actually spit the banana through the hose. In fact, the harder you blow and work at it, the more the nasty mushy banana-substance spreads all over your face...even up into your hair if you're really determined, which he was. Ah, in the youth group just one week and he's already makin' memories that will last a lifetime...

Sunday, June 10, 2007 turns me upside-down

Well week 1 of Midlothian summer has finally arrived, though most of the state has already been in celebratory mode for a couple of weeks now. Thursday was the last day. Which is nice, since it has seemed for weeks now that we were, actually, out of school for summer but were dropping the kids off for some sort of day camp each morning. Now I don't have to feel guilty about letting them stay up past school-year bedtimes.

Week 1 starts off w/ a bang...B & A have Panther basketball camps put on by the High School, and for the evenings we have Summer Blast for A (the week formerly known as Vacation Bible School) and Welcome Week for B. Today some friends from Midland came to church and lunch w/ us and then we had A's piano recital. The recital was nice, and we got a laugh while reading the program...each child played 2 pieces. The girl before A played "How Great Thou Art". A followed that up with "Rubber Duckie". :-) The pieces were probably pretty close in difficulty, but, obviously, an ocean-like depth of subject matter lie between them. And the husband of the piano teacher talked a bit at the beginning about how much he's enjoyed hearing about all the kids and what they're learning. His examples of pillow talk included: "Did you know that Abby is pretty headstrong?" huh. who knew???

I don't know if I can keep up this pace AND blog, but i promise to give it a whirl. Also, I'm writing this summer. This is a first for me, as I have previously committed myself to absolutely zero work responsibilities while the kids are out of school. It's for next summer's QuickSource that is a companion piece to Explore the Bible for Adults (i knew some of you were wondering). I'm writing the whole quarter and it's on Acts, which I find fascinating.

The little girls are calling the house w/ increasing regularity. Even 5 times in one day. This is a challenge for us since C is youth minister and his job requires that he be nice to middle schoolers. But as long as we don't help B w/ his phone manners, I think the situation will resolve itself. It goes something like this: (while walking to the phone) "How did SHE get my number?" (i have a sneaking suspicion...) and,
(after answering phone) "What do you want?"


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life in the Big City

Yesterday C, B, and I pulled into a Race Trac in Grand Prairie to get some petrol (whose cost is, in itself, another blog entirely). C got out to fill 'r up and I noticed 2 policemen to my immediate right. They proceeded to walk up WITH GUNS DRAWN to another car that was parked on the curb about 10 feet from the front of our van. (I'm serious and I don't even have to embellish this tale.) Having seen such things only on TV and in the movies, I began to panic somewhat and banged on the window at C. He didn't hear me, so I had to roll down the window to say, "GET IN THE CAR." Naturally, he wanted to know why, so I said in bigger caps, "THEIR GUNS ARE DRAWN. GET IN THE CAR NOW." That got him moving. So we kind of hunched down a little bit and watched them sneak up behind the car just like Jack Bauer would do it, except that they were wearing those cool uniforms. Sadly for you, this is the end of the story because no one was in the car. The policemen retreated and went into the store. I never said the ending was exciting.