Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The Hs have had a fun-filled week leading up to's good to be finished w/ all your shopping and work so early! We've had lots of fam time (due in part to a certain child's extended grounding :-) and made an overnight trip to Waco to share gifts w/ family. Two movies: Alvin and the Chipmunks (***) and National Treasure 2 (*****). A is sitting here beside me and she'd like to dispute the 3 star rating I'm giving to Alvin. However, I'm going to stand by my 3 stars for several reasons - she's 8 (A would like me to say "almost 9" right now), finds chipmunks humorous, and did not see National Treasure.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everybody~ Hope your worship this Christmas is especially joyful!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

yay for me!


in case you were wondering, today i finished my writing assignment (the one for YOU, the African-American piece). also, c mailed out our Christmas cards. oh, and all my Christmas shopping is done. it's footloose and fancy free i am!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my life and stuff

you beg for a miley report and then you comment not. sheesh. you ppl are hard to please.

tonight i went to fbc waxahachie to get their youth workers fired up about the curriculum they're about to use. i got two 11th grade boys to go with me, bc when the youth min. told me he wanted my talk to be "high energy", I didn't know if I was up to the task. But i think it went well and the boys were just happy to get a free meal out of the deal (the youth workers were also having an appreciation banquet). ANd as I sat watching them wolf down their 2nd dinner of the evening (they had both already eaten at their homes an hour earlier), I began to realize that when B is a teenager I'm going to have to get a 3rd job (in addition to writing and tutoring) bc 16 year old boys eat a LOT. It's not even like it was a light meal...they were serving spaghetti. and they both cleaned their plates

B's bball team played a team from mansfield Monday night and got beat 78-15. ouch. but B scored 2 of those 15 on a nice little drive in the lane and ball fake. That one moment almost made it completely worthwhile for c and me to sit through that otherwise dismal game. They get to play another Mansfield team next week...woohoo!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Hannah Montana concert did NOT disappoint. I think the only other pop concert I've ever been to in my entire life was Rick Springfield in about 1985. And though Rick was everything I'd hoped for and more :-), there's just no comparison. Concerts have come a looooooooooooooong way. And when I was explaining to C that sometimes the stage looked like the set of High School Musical or something with all the dancers and choreography, he pointed out to me that Disney backs her and they don't do anything 1/2 way. AFter the Jonas Brothers opened (btw, i think that one guy is more in love w/ himself than all the little screaming girls combined...."I'm Joe Jonas!" [pause for dramatic effect]) Hannah Montana descended on the stage (literally...she was in some kind of big cage-like box that came down from the ceiling) in dramatic fashion. Several times between songs she went into an on-stage dressing room and changed clothes as the band/others played intros to whatever song was coming next. In the middle of the concert, the J brothers sang 2 more songs while HM transformed into Miley Cyrus, and this is how she performed the remainder of the concert. It was like 2 concerts in one. Oh, and a few times she disappeared or reappeared through the stage floor. There were fireworks (of some sort), streamers exploding into the air, video, and lots of flashing lights. (I was worried that someone in the audience might seize.)There were 5 tour buses outside, just to let you know what a big operation this thing is. Anyway, fun was had by all and A was happy to receive such a cool Christmas present early. so there ya' have it. My 2nd pop concert in 38 years of living. At this rate, I'll see another one in the year 2025 at the age of 56. ROCK ON!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

scary stuff

it's a little bit scary how techno savvy kids are these days. Last weekend when we had family here, A and I had gone out for a bit. When we got back, my laptop had been sabotaged...screensaver, wallpaper, homepage and more was all t.u.'d up. Later, when I realized it, A said, "I can fix it, mom." Within minutes, she had me all fixed up, even with improvements made to my previous settings - she'd put a pic of Kyle Field on as wallpaper for me. She's EIGHT.

and speaking of scary, C and B got to go to the Cowboys/Packers game Thurs. night, courtesy of friends who ended up not being able to go. C said it was INSANE...people acting like complete "morons" from start to finish. But they had a good time still, despite the drunken stupor of tens of thousands of crazed fans.

and speaking again of scary, A and I are going w/ some friends up to OK City tomorrow to see Hannah Montana in concert. I wonder how many miniature, wigged Hannah fans will be there. I'm thinking that's probably where it starts...Hannah wig at age 8, married to drunken man who paints himself blue and gray (or wears a block of cheese on his head) at age 35. We'll be going as ourselves. :-)