Tuesday, May 30, 2006

death of a blog

i suppose that every blog must come to an end eventually. because i don't want 'because i can' to be the jeff bagwell of bloggerdom, this is the last post on the blog. it has run its fun-lovin' course, becoming a chore rather than the joyous hobby it once was. now we must once again rely upon cell phones and email in order to keep up with one another. here's one last update so you don't have to call right away....:-)

a news:
* hair cut off this past weekend for locks of love. very cute. very older-looking. very hard on dad.
* horse camp in 2 weeks. very excited.
*tonsilectomy july 19. very about time.
* summer softball team invite. very pleased with self.

b news:
* all-stars (baseball). very busy.
* finishing elem. school next week & trading it in for middle school. mom & dad feeling very not so young anymore.
* invitation to first boy/girl party from random girl we don't know. very NO.

c&c news:
* summer of a youth minister. also very busy. and very fun.
* season finales watched. very bored.
* death of a blog. very unsure what to do with self when sitting at computer.


Monday, May 22, 2006


Our first full-family return to Midland in a year and a half was a splendid occasion. good times were had with friends. and might i just add the words La Bodega, Jumburrito, Rosa's and Oscars. :-) sorry to everyone about the little present we left called "streptococcus".

looks like we'll be adding "tonsilectomy" to the calendar for our already busy summer. A has her 7th bout in 12 months. nice!

and speaking of nice, i have a friend who works for the IMB who is always giving me good books to read. I've been on a leisure-reading fast of sorts (b/c of my commitment to prime time TV), but I decided to give some attention to the book she gave me in n'ville last week. It is "Servant on the Edge of History" by Sam Jones, a missionary in Vietnam during the war. It's so good that I have to read it with highlighter in hand. Here is one such nugget that has been especially meaningful and illuminating to me this week:
"I often find myself veering to the left and the right of a thin, almost indiscernible line that runs between caring and not caring, wanting to help and not being able to help. Somewhere in between these two is a place where the missionary must walk with a measure of balance."


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

iffen you lernt yer letters...

i think that tv/books/music definitely influence the mind. i first began to realize this several years back when i was reading some historical fiction from early American history. so immersed in these pioneer stories, i began to begin say things like, "iffen yer pa gits home soon, we kin et supper." yeah, i did get some funny looks.

and now...well, now in my mind the president and his peeps wear neatly pressed suits at 3 a.m. also, i don't know if i'll feel quite safe on my flight to nashville tomorrow, because who KNOWS what could be going on in the cargo hold. but i AM much tougher nowdays because jack is a heavy influence on my life, so i'm sure i'll be ok. :-)

farewell dear Camdens. here are some things i've learned from you:
*don't be helpful, be harmless.
*people actually LIKE it when you get all up in their business
*swim freely in the fishbowl