Wednesday, May 30, 2007

photo blog

we've been to exactly 3 weddings this spring for former students. and there's another one out in midland this weekend that we won't be able to attend. but it's been way fun even though it makes me feel way old. and how's this for feeling old - last weekend B was trusted with FIRE to light the candles and A was a jr. bridesmaid. here are my fave photos from the day

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


and did i mention that brandon (or B-Hop as his teammates call him) made an unassisted double play recently? he was at 3rd base and caught a line drive to his left then dove head first onto 3rd base with the ball out in front of him to beat the runner who had taken a couple of steps toward home.

and abby is fun to watch playing softball. she plays pitcher mostly even though it's coach pitch. which means she gets to field most of theballs bc they usually hit it to her.

and i miss my family right now!

Making up for lost time

Texas is the hub of the universe. At the very least, it's the hub of all things southern baptist, proven once again to me yesterday and today here in Nashville. Normally when you're in another state and you introduce yourself, you don't bother with the name of your lil town and just sum it up by saying you live "near Dallas". But here at LifeWay, "near Dallas" isn't good enough bc virtually every Southern Baptist ministerial-type has lived in Texas at some time. So I'm pressed to say "Midlothian" and am surprised because 97% of the time the word is met with things like "I know EXACTLY where that is" or "7606-something" or "I know someone who lived there" or "Oh yeah...just up the road from Waxahachie". Get this...I'm conferencing with one writer who retired a year ago from LifeWay to Waxahachie and who attended the same Ellis County Baptist Association conference for which I led some youth leader sessions. I'm also conferencing with a woman who worked on staff with my longtime friend and current pastor, Bruce Prindle. I'm also conferencing with another writer whose dad is buddies with the minister at another church in Midlothian. it's the HUB, I tell you.

sidenote: it's funny what Tennesseeans (i guess the 3% that HAVEN'T been to Texas) think is good Mexican food. [Cynthia scoffs]

Here's hoping for a better flight experience tomorrow than the one I had on Monday.

Monday, May 21, 2007

i may have even hurdled an old lady

this is the coolest hotel room i've ever stayed in and it's just a shame that no one is here to enjoy it with me. i'm in nashville and tired from a long, crazy day...but we'll get to that in a minute. because back to the hotel - i've stayed here at the wyndham union station quite a few times, but they've done some remodeling. it was a neat hotel before the remodeling, full o' history bc al capone stayed here back in the day. but now my room is great, too. it's all very contemporary and i feel, at this very moment, like a rich person as I sit here on this funky-cool bed w/ funky-cool carpet, furniture, and a big ole flat planel tv all to myself. also, my bathroom has marble tile on the floors and other neato furniture in there.

too bad i have to be down at LifeWay at 7:20 a.m. and I can't enjoy this setup again until after dinner tomorrow night.

so i was on my way to the airport this morning and hit awful traffic. sat still for 1/2 an hour and then putted along for another 1/2 hour, it seemed. i was, for the first time in my life, actually worried that i might miss my flight. which would be bad bc i was presenting first thing today. so even though i needed a restroom facility in a bad way, i kept on going. by the time the express parking driver dropped me off at the first A-terminal gate i could get out at, i headed to the restroom and was ready to do my oj simpson thing through the airport. problem was, they don't let you check your luggage w/in 40 min. of takeoff. so i had to carry on my suitcase and that meant a search at security. they confiscated my hairspray and BRAND NEW tube of gel. but i was off. i raced through the airport and made it to the gate as they were boarding. by this time i was feeling much better bc i had endured a trying situation and emerged the victor. however, about 2 nanoseconds after i sat down in my assigned seat the guy in front of me reclined his chair so far back that i had to put on my reading glasses to read the words on the seatback in front of me: "Please secure seatbelt when seated." i'm telling you, he was THAT close.

i think that's all i have to say at this moment. more later.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the blog is in a lil slump

but i did get an email from a friend that i think will tide us over for a bit...


Jack Bauer Appreciation Day
Apparently Jack Bauer has been having a rough time of it.
In the last 21 hours, he: Has been released from Chinese custody where he was tortured for months on end, learned that not only was his brother evil but he's now dead (after he tortured him), learned that his father is evil, learned that his beloved girlfriend was also tortured in China after being abducted while on the hunt for him, blew a plan that wound up giving his Chinese captors Russian defense technology and had to violate direct presidential orders, thus getting himself arrested.
And, to top it all off, 24's critics and fans have been dumping on him.
So the folks at Blogs4Bauer decided to soothe Jack's battered soul and declare today Jack Bauer Appreciation Day.

They suggest that, in honor of the intrepid terrorist hunter, his fans should:

1. Give someone your word that you'll do something.
2. Commandeer a vehicle.
3. Whisper (you know, in that husky, menacing Jack way, unless, of course he's speaking to a member of the fairer sex who's not a terrorist, then his whisper is on the softer side).
4. Scream, although your outburst must start with, "D****t!"
5. Boycott Chinese food today.

However I think they're missing a few items. I'd add, 1) Look lovestruck as you gently caress someone's cheek 2) Demand that someone "patch" you through to someone and 3) Angrily shut off your cell phone.
That about covers it.

all is well with The Hopkins. Have a nice day!