Thursday, March 29, 2007

That Stinks!

So Sanjaya's hair dampened A's enthusiasm for him, but sadly, Chris was her #2 fave. So last night when I went by her room I saw her on her bed pouting. She, quite seriously, said "I am angry with everyone in America right now."

B overheard her and asked, "Is it your least favorite country now?" To which she answered, "No, that's Asia."

Of course, that threw B into all kinds of fit, shocked and disgusted that she doesn't know the difference between a continent and a country. It's always an adventure...

the case for trucks: C took out the seats of my van and went and bought mulch for the flower beds. That was three days ago and my van STILL smells like manure. nice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a weak attempt to hold your attention

ok, so after the faux-hawk, even A is wavering in her devotion to young, strange Sanjaya Malakar.

and speaking of Thunder, she and C are off to Austin this weekend for Math Pentathlon.

it seems i have nothing else to say about that, so that wasn't a very good story at all, was it?

but this one is informative...I saw a news story about a study on the cleanliness of people's offices. Apparently, your office very well might have more bacteria than the toilet of a public restroom. So I picked up a little prize at Target for Clay's called disinfectant wipes. because ewwwww. wipe down those keyboards, people.

note to self---wednesday blogs are uninformative and boring...

Thursday, March 22, 2007


on "24": I wonder what happened to li'l Ricky Schroeder to make him so mean? I guess it just goes to show that money can't buy happiness.

on "Thunder": now the band has 2 security guards. I think if I were 8, I'd want to be one of "The Poppin' Girlfriends" and would take whatever they could give me, too...Marketing Staff, Accounting, Refreshments, whatever it takes to get a foot in the door...

on spelling: now we play "PelEton" instead of "HORSE" in the driveway, just for grins.

on landscapers: why do people make appointments and then not keep them or have the courtesy to even call? hmmmm? Two weeks into the process of getting someone to put in some beds and still no luck...


Monday, March 19, 2007

Weird, but Cool

B & A pooled their money and bought American Idol for PS2. It took me a couple of days before I decided to venture upstairs and check it out; mostly I was just enjoying regular chuckles to myself as I listened to them sing. It comes w/ a microphone and works kind of like karaoke. But it also works kind of like guitar hero in that it gives you points for hitting the right actually detects if you're sharp or flat, and whether or not you hold the notes for the right amount of time. Anyway, I've never been a singer. Check that...I sing all the time. Loudly, mostly in the car. I've even thought that I should probably tone it down because the kids might think that's normal and begin to annoy their friends with loud car-singing when I'm not around. But I can only copycat other singers, really. And mostly only MALE singers. But, I've now played American Idol twice--and been crowned THE American Idol...twice. Once I beat Taylor Hicks and the 2nd time I beat all the other Hopkins.

The coolest part, though, is that the time I was on my way to defeating Taylor Hicks, B was upstairs with me. I was singing unashamedly and was making my voice do some funny things to match the songs I was singing, like on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (perfect score!). Anyway, B said this: "You're so weird. But even though you're a weird mom, you're somehow a cool mom at the same time. Some other kids' moms are just weird."

I think that's the nicest thing he's ever said to me. :-)

And A...well, she's going to be a writer like her mom. In all her band preparations, you know she's been writing songs. And they're a little rough, but they have some REALLY deep stuff. She wrote this: "Down in the sea where the ocean goes by I feel the breeze of friendship down in me. Friendship...oooh kindness....oooohhh friendship Yeah..."

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tour de Spelling Bee

Well I learned that when Lance Armstrong breaks away from the pack of bikers, he's actually breaking away from the "peloton", not the "P-E-L-E-T-O-N" as B spelled it. He was pretty upset when he got out in the 3rd round bc he'd spelled that word right before. I didn't even have it circled in his book bc every time I'd called it out he'd gotten it right. But maybe I called it a "Pel-oh-tawn" instead of "Pel-eh-tawn"...i can't really remember. Regardless, I think he learned to go a little slower and think more next time. And he IS planning on a next time. The 1st place winner was also last year's winner and she's done now, because she's an 8th grader. But I'm just going to go ahead and say something that maybe I shouldn' seems to me that he'll never crack the top 3 unless he suddenly begins to enjoy words more than the field of athletic competition. The words those top 2 had to spell were ridiculously hard and he wouldn't know them unless he started to pore over the dictionary or read grad school text books. But no matter, the whole experience was really neat, and he can now say that he's been a part of a live television production, in the newspaper, and on TV. That's more than I can say, because the cameraman apparently didn't notice how nice I looked.

I have more to say, so check back later this week.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I was trying so hard to change it up a bit, but here we are again on Monday posting a blog. sigh. it's hard to get out of a rut sometimes. Actually, I'm just killing time waiting on C and B to get home from baseball practice so we can watch "24". Don't worry London, I'm not saying anything else about that. ;-)

If I were just now posting my list called "been there, done that" (april, 2005) i'd add "danced w/ Clay on a yacht in Galveston Bay."

I'd also be compelled to add some other very important things like "Worked in a Wienie Wagon", "Slept in the TAMU VP's house", "Had a Philly Cheesesteak in...Philly", "Dined with Disney Princesses", and "drank a Starbucks White Mocha in downtown Chicago". But all of that is old news by now, except for that yacht part. The weekend was much fun. In fact, we were starting to think about a St. Louis trip this summer since the ski trip thing didn't work, but now the fam has landed on a few days in Kemah followed by an Astros game. good times.

Band Update: Just found out a little while ago that each of the members in Abby's band has a "band name". Are you ready for this? She's "Thunder". Then there's "Lightening" (obviously), "Laser", "Clone", and "K-Slayer". And that's good, because now if that whole Disney audition falls through, they can try to bring back that show "American Gladiators." lim (laughing inside myself)