Wednesday, February 20, 2008

catching up

1)I had a really good time at our annual ladies' retreat last weekend. My friend, whose identity I have sworn to protect from communists, taught me some important truths about grace. Another 3 friends led worship, and it was delightful. Also, I'm pretty sure our staff wives skit was fantastic. :-)

2)There has been much made about whether the show "24" or the show "Lost" is better. I am loyal, so I have not watched "Lost" in the past, scoffing at the notion that it could even come close. However, due to the writers' strike (yay, it's over!) C and I felt pressure to rent seasons 1-3 of "Lost," or go to bed tv-less. Anyway, I have grown to love "Lost" over the past couple of months, but it's Alias-weird. Which makes sense, since the same guy created both shows. So I must still cast my vote for "24," because I still think it's the best even though its long absence may cause my memory to deceive me.

3)A's basketball season is winding down, and we're thankful. She LOVES it, but it is difficult to sit in the stands. Her team's high point game is 7 and they are winless. A has been scoring, though, so at least we get to cheer a couple of times each game.

4)C and our personnel committee are getting ever-close to hiring a middle-school minister. this is exciting news.

5)I'm getting old. Have noticed gray hairs and am playing bunko once a month.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I think "Babe" is the operative word here

So did that last blog creep you out or are you just sitting there dumbfounded, feeling sorry for me? It's ok. If you ascribe to the literal account of creation (which I do), we're all related anyway.

Yesterday, it was hard to get B's head in the car to go to church. Our house had been toilet-papered, and not in the usual way. (Aside - Our house has been wrapped NUMEROUS times, but w/ increasing regularity since B got to middle school. The toilet paper is now more often a result of his social life than it is of C being a minister to youth.) Anyway, I noticed it out the window, and tried to open the front door to inspect the damage. But the door was tied shut with Valentine-hearted red string. I had to get scissors to cut my way out. There at the front door were gifts...a cute little Valentiney prickly mammal of some sort and a box of heart cookies. So we investigated further. The mailbox was similarly wrapped in red heart string. But the driveway was the most telling part. The entire thing was covered in chalk-writing...heart after heart and messages like, "I love you" and "Sexy Babe"??? WHAT??? It was signed, "Secret Admirer". Since C and I are married, and to each other, we figured the messages weren't for us. And A, well her friends go to bed before midnight, so we can cross them off the list. What we were left with is that someone went to great lengths to get the attention of our 12 year old son. And, in typical B fashion, he got in the car for church with a big grin and said, "I hate being this good-looking." :-0 Pray for me, people.