Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday night I went to see Twilight w/ 7 other adults and 33 high school girls. It was fun, but kind of odd since the theater was filled with teenage girls, many of whom where waaaaayyyyy too excited about the story. I mean, I read the books and enjoyed them, but I'm talking about a whole different level of involvement. A girl behind me, who wasn't with our group, began hyperventilating (i think, and hope, she was faking) when the movie started. Then, as each of the main characters made their first appearance, she hyperventilated again. wow. There were lots of squeals and screams throughout the movie, not at scary parts necessarily, but because these girls (again, I don't think it was many of ours) were so obsessed with Edward Cullen. It was, as I imagine, like how girls used to react over Elvis Presley back in the day. Let me just say that I hope that A never ever becomes so ridiculous over a boy, fictional or not.

After the movie, we headed to Chili's and that was lots of fun. Except probably not so much for the waiters who had to make change for 41 individual bills! Then, 11-12 grade girls headed to my house for an all-nighter, and 9-10 grade girls headed to another house in my neighborhood for the same. The boys were up at the church with Clay, playing hide and seek and capture the flag in the dark, eating wings, playing video games, playing basketball, and watching movies all through the night. They also went to Whataburger at 2:30 where, surprisingly, they were not the only customers. It was a fun night, and I think we're all now fully recovered.

Two weeks ago, I began tutoring 3-5 graders again at a school in our district. I'll do this Tuesday and Thursday mornings through April, to help struggling students get ready for the TAKS. It's a good gig...the pay is great and it keeps me involved in education in case I ever decide to go back to the classroom. But this week affirmed my previous feelings that 3rd grade and under is just too young for me. Did you know that 3rd graders know very little? (at least some of them, anyway.) I have discovered that I am more of a building builder than a foundation layer. You know what I mean? You've gotta give me some kind of prior knowledge from which we can start the tutoring process. We'll see how it goes...

THanksgiving this week in The Woodlands. YEA!!! THe kids have the whole week off, but B has basketball practice at the school at 7 a.m. Monday and Tuesday morning. BOO. Also, I have many writing assignments in front of me, so I must write these first two days of the week. We'll head out on Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great week w/ family and friends. I am thankful for you!

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bekah said...

i also sat by an E.C. hyperventilator - annoying much? but hooray for twilight..on a scale from one to ten i thought it was almost wonderful