Friday, August 29, 2008

Chipping Green

I promised these pics awhile back, but it took awhile for it to look like we wanted it. I don't know if you can really see it from the pics (definitely click to enlarge the pics), but it looks really good now...probably should've waited til sunset to take a picture bc it's really pretty then. Anyway, Clay is enjoying it a's a nice evening wind-down for him and it's a fun thing to do when friends come over. We had srs. over for lunch 2 weeks ago and a lot of them brought their own clubs for a "closest to the pin" contest. It was fun!


Mr. Jared said...

how much are the greens fees? and does that price include a cart? what's the course's total yardage and rating? is there a driving range available? what do B & A charge to caddie for 18 holes?.....maybe you can talk my dad into making the signature #2 course over here in my backyard...just an idea.

CYNTHIA said...

for you, Mr. Jared, it's free. For the other questions, you'll have to speak to the course manager.